New to FLL?

Joining a team:

An easy way to be on a FLL team is to find one in your area and ask to join. We have some ways to help you do this.

  • See our map to find teams in your area
  • Call your school and ask
  • Look for mailing lists or Facebook groups for your area
  • Ask organizations in your area, such as 4H, Girl/Boy Scouts

If you can’t find a team in your area then you can start one.

Starting a team:

You will need 2 or more interested children and at least two adults willing to coach that team. No experience is required!

A team does not have to be based off of a school.

If you want to start a team at your school then email the principal.

Here is a form that we have to help you connect with other interested people nearby.

FLL Parent Interest Form
Adults only - no kid sign-ups!

Once you have filled out the form we will contact you if other parents from the same area are interested. Then you can contact each other.

Other things you need:

A meeting location, time to meet, an FLL robot game board, and a SPIKE robot.

The link to the FLL website is Here you can buy the new season's requirements and look at the FLL website.  We have resources listed for help with the robot game and mentors to help with the project.