Welcome to the Frogs FLL Info site!

Here you can learn all you need about what FLL is and what you need to create an FLL team.

FLL stands for First Lego League, a program where kids from 4th to 8th grade compete and cooperate in a robot problem solving competition. Additionally, they will identify and solve a problem that relates to the year’s theme in the form of a research project.

If you are a kid looking to learn to code and problem solve, FLL is exactly what you are looking for! To start your team the first thing you will need is 2 or more interested children and two adults willing to coach that team. No experience required!

FLL is a great way to get kids interested and learning about STEM. This website also serves as a way to contact FLL coaches, Including The Frog’s coaches.

No coding experience? The coding for these robots is extremely simple, and this website will allow you to understand the basics of coding the robot.

Here you will find resources FLL Robot Game, FLL Innovation Project, and how to start a team.

Also, you can add yourself to the team directory, a compilation of teams in the VA/DC Region, as well as a place for adults looking to coach a team to put in their credentials. This place will serve as a place for teams to reach out and connect with one another.

Join us on the great journey of First Lego League, we're excited to see what you create and learn!

- The Frogs